Peterson Farm Brown Eggs - 1 dozen (Mari's Gardens)

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Peterson’s Upland Farm is a family farm located in the heart of Wahiawa on the island of Oahu.  The farm was established in 1910 by Elias Peterson who, with his wife, purchased 17.9 acres in Wahiawa from James Drummond Dole. Their son, James, began the farm with a herd of Jersey cattle and some chickens.  In the early years of the farm, James would peddle milk, cream, and eggs to Schofield Army Barracks from a horse drawn buggy.  The farm continued to grow and in 1951 James’ two son's, James Jr. and Alan, developed and grew the farm.  

In 1982 the Petersons purchased an additional 33 acres to expand the farm to a second site. Throughout their history the farm has always been a family run business and a centerpiece in the community. Today the farm is run by Sharon Peterson Cheape, James Jr.’s daughter. Petersons' Upland Farm is committed to produce local agricultural products that are always fresh.


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