Premium Tsuyahime Brown Rice (2kg)

Premium Tsuyahime Brown Rice (2kg) ~4.4lbs

Premium Tsuyahime Rice features textures that are slightly glutinous, but delicate with an incredible aroma and sweetness that will make your meal unforgettable.

The GRF are committed to producing the best quality rice and conform to all health and safety standards in Takahata, Yamagata. Their precise, year-long growing process begins with their soil which contains a mixture of fully mature compost, a variety of organic fertilizers, and minerals that are essential for good nutrition. The GRF Premium Tsuyahime ranks at the Top 10 percent for quality in all of Tsuyahime variety.

At Sun Noodle, we import this premium rice as an unrefined grain and store it under low temperature management. We then mill the rice as needed for every order, which is how we’re able to provide our customers with the freshest possible product that is highly prized in Japan.

To cook your Premium Tsuyahime rice, first, add water to submerge the grains then drain water completely. Next use your hand to gently wash the rice in a circular motion about 15 times each, clockwise and counterclockwise. Rinse the rice by adding water and draining it, without stirring, repeat this step until the water is no longer cloudy. Then add the appropriate amount of water and let the rice soak for about an hour before cooking.

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