Waiola Coconut Water, 1L Carton

Panda General Store Hawaii

The Waiola 1 Liter comes in a Tetra Pak Prisma with a resealable dream cap that is is ideal for creating coconut water-based beverages and food recipes. The tall and sleek 1 Liter is perfect to keep in your refrigerator to drink our naturally untouched coconut water throughout the week. It’s also the perfect amount of hydration for a hike or day-trip.
  • 100% Pure; Just one ingredient, absolutely no additives
  • Not From Concentrate; About half as much sugar as leading coconut water brands. Authentic and unadulterated coconut taste.
  • Tetrapack Prisma Package; Aseptic design means longer shelf time other than other packaging methods allow for. No refrigeration required. Made from recycled materials. Keep up to 12 months without any preservatives
  • 730 mg. Potassium; 32 mg. Calcium; 18 mg. Magnesium; No Preservatives


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