Washugyu Steak - Yakiniku Cut

 8oz Washugyu Yaikiniku Cut


Washugyu is American Wagyu beef (Japan-oriented fine-bred cattle beef also known as Kobe Style beef), a crossbreed between the Japanese Kuroge Wagyu (a Tajima Wagyu) and the finest US Prime Black Angus raised in Oregon. Wagyu beef is highly sought after for its genetically enhanced marbling and high percentage of unsaturated fat, and countries such as USA, Canada, Scotland and Austraila are best acknowledged for their own standing in the Wagyu beef market. Many fine restaurants and celebrities alike have developed a taste for this highly-desired beef.

How is Washugyu made?

  • Two important factors to note: genetics and the raising program.
  • Crossbred between Tajima Wagyu and the finest Black Angus (50:50)
  • The cattle are raised with all natural grains and grasses, using the same technique used with Japanese Wagyu
  • The feeders take care of the cattle in the same as it's done in Japan, in a stress-free environment, so that the taste and quality are similar to authentic Japanese Wagyu
  • The cattle are fed dried rice straws to strengthen their stomach and better absorb nutrients to create the finest quality marbling
  • The cattle are raised for 27 to 30 months during which a Wagyu feeding specialist manages and controls the whole process. This knowledge, combined with the longer breeding program, further ensures higher quality marbling and taste
  • 90% of Washugyu is graded as Prime by USDA, which indicates a much higher yield of quality beef than both domestic Kobe and US beef
  • Depending on the cut of meat used, Washugyu beef is among the best in cooking steaks, Yakiniku, Shabu Shabu and many more dishes


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